Functional In Vitro Tests

Tests can be customized as needed to strengthen or derive appropriate scientific evidence for your actives.

It is also possible to perform experiments using human skin samples as ex vivo models.

Specialized areas: If you are interested in a new model development or functional assays related to immunotoxicity, vascular function (blood flow), reproductive toxicology or sensitization (allergy), please contact us personally.

Just send us a message, we will contact you immediately:

Human skin cell types

TAK: Transiently Amplifying Keratinocytes; DF: Dermal Fibroblasts; Ad-MSC: Adipose derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells MC: Melanocytes; EC: Endothelial Cells; HFC: Hair Follicle Cells; SMC: Smooth Muscle Cells; IC: Immune Cells

AgingTAK/DF/Ad-MSCUV/Chronologic aging/Oxidative stressAutophagy/Metabolism/Inflammatory markers/
Stem or progenitor cells maintenance/Aging markers
Melanosome degradation
ToxicityTAK/DF/MC/Ad-MSC/HFCGrowth or proliferation/Cell integrity/ Viability test
UV/Oxidative stressInflammatory markers/ROS
FirmingDFExtracellular matrix synthesis and degradation
Wound healingTAK/DF/Ad-MSCScratch Inflammatory markers/Re-epithelialization
Sun protectionTAK/DFSolar/UV Genotoxicity markers
SoothingTAKInflammatory markers
MoisturizingTAK/DFHydration/Barrier markers
WrinklesAd-MSCAdipocyte differentiation
Hair growthHFCSpheroid formation/Colony formation/Stem cell markers
DetoxificationTAKDetoxifying enzymes/Metabolites
CorrosionTAKViability and cytokine assays