June 2018: Curio Biotech introduces Human Adult basal epidermal Transiently Amplifying Keratinocytes (TAK) isolated using our novel proprietary methodologies (no coatings like collagens or vimentin or RGD peptides, no chemical inducers/enhancers, no feeder cells, not by out growth , no BPE-purely natural)   

Highly recommended for screening of actives or compounds together with our new Discovery Lane of cell culture media (no unphysiological components or inducers to enhance proliferation or targeting/tuning to progenitor niche) - Simply using growth factors mix that has been proved in the scientific literature and an interference free cell culture system.

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May 2018: KeratinoSens™ cell line from Givaudan       

KeratinoSens™, a validated cell line from Givaudan is now available at Curio Biotech.Interested in assessing the skin sensitisation using KeratinoSens™ cell line in an epidermal 3D model with an animal component-free cell culture media?  Contact us.