Explant Culture Medium for SkinCB-EM-SKN-Serum-free
Fibroblast medium CB-DF-GMXeno-free; Serum-free
Transiently Keratinocyte medium CB-TAK-GM-
Defined Cryopreservation Medium CB-DCM-Defined, Serum and Protein-free
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Medium CB-MSC-GMXeno-free
Melanocyte Growth Medium CB-MC-GMXeno-free; Serum-freeCholera toxin and PMA-free
Endothelial Cell Growth MediumCB-EC-GMXeno-free; Serum-freeFor large vessel endothelial cells
Spheroid Culture Medium for Mesenchymal cellsCB-SCM-3D-MC-
Explant Culture Medium for PlacentaCB-EM-PLAC-Serum-free
Epithelial Cell Growth Medium for Oral KeratinocytesCB-Epi-GM-OK-
Cell Line Adaptation KitCB-CLAK-Only for service purpose (Serum & Animal component free system)

After extensive research and development, we are pleased to introduce our novel DISCOVERY LINE products for In Vitro Testing, especially for screening drugs and mode of action studies of compounds/actives/molecules.


An interference free-cell culture system. Culture media produced specially in our laboratory containing no unphysiological additives such as phenol-red, antibiotics, or inducers to enhance proliferation or to target/tune cultures to a particular progenitor.

Components proved in the scientific literature. To achieve a natural growth environment, the cells are grown using a supplemental growth factor mix appropriate for the cell type that has been proved in the scientific literature (Citations provided).

Using appropriate cells. It is well known in the literature that same kinds of cells can be different functionally. For example, the gene profile of keratinocytes from oral tissue are different from epidermal keratinocytes1 and cells derived from juvenile and adult donors2 can differ.

Pure cells. Beyond using selective growth factors for each cell type, our isolated cells are selected for purity using our proprietary combination of cell specific antigens for each cell type based on the literature (Citations provided).

Fully defined media, hormone and animal component-free. All products being used for in vitro testing are hormone and animal-component free and fully defined to avoid false positives

Note: There are several cell types for example fibroblasts, melanocytes, etc., that demand at least some small fraction of serum without which they cannot be initiated for cell growth. In this case, we grow the cells under Xeno-free conditions. We continue our efforts to be in line with the 3R motto motto: Reduce, Refine, Replace and develop new solutions for each cell type. Always we aim to develop the products for our clients projects in the most natural way, thereby mimicking all the mechanisms and physiological conditions as close as possible to the in vivo, but without the need of serum or unphysiological chemicals or inducers.


  • Dermatology
  • Regenerative Biology
  • Immunology
  • Oncology



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